Merlot means ‘Young Blackbird’ in French and could be said it is because of the dark grape or because blackbirds enjoy eating grapes.

The earliest record of Merlot was from 1784, in the Bordeaux region of France.

Grape Variety Facts

  • Merlot is the second-most planted grape in the entire world beside Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • The flavour depends on the temperature it grown in. In a heat environment, Merlot tastes of cheesecake and chocolate and in colder climates it tends to taste more of berries and plum.


Food Friendly

Merlot is an ideal food pairing wine with its moderate tanning and balanced acidity and a very save choice for any occasion. The reason why Merlot pair so well is because it is high in sugar and very versatile.

The wine pleases so many people and is therefore very popular. Some Merlots are more robust and oaked while other are more simple, fruity and on the sweet side.