When starting wine tasting, you don’t need to know a thing about acids, vintage year, or tannins. The first rule is to not listen to any rules but enjoy the tasting experience. Everyone’s preference and taste are different therefore wine is what you make of it.

Simple steps to enjoying a wine tasting:

One – How to hold your glass

It is best to hold your glass by the stem to avoid the wine getting warm, or leave figure prints all over the glass.

Two – Swirl & Sniff

Swirl the wine in your glass first and then sniff and inhale before tasting.  The swirling allows oxygen to enter the wine and brings out the flavours. The swirl also will tell you the consistency and thickness of the wine. The smell plays a huge role in your sense of tasting and prepares your palate for the flavours.

Three: Swish & spit or Swallow

Mostly spitting was born to remain sober throughout the entire tasting. So, take a small bit of wine and swish it in your mouth to consider the flavours and then swallow or spit it out. This allow you to taste the acidity in front, the fruit in the middle and the tannic on the gums and cheeks.

Four: Ask questions

Most people don’t know the names of popular wine regions or grape blends. So, ask about the wine from the person presenting the wine, the grapes or the flavours, etc. You can also so a bit or research yourself on the varieties in a specific area as certain wines take on the characteristics of the soil.

Five: Prepare a budget

The cost of wine tasting vary from event or winery so maybe you first want to complete the tasting and then decide on your purchase.

Six: Take notes

None of us can remember all the details of wines we taste, so it’s fine to make notes as you go. This is only to help you to remember what you liked about the wines you tasted.

Seven: Don’t just drink wine during tasting

It is good to drink water between each wine you taste.  It will help clear your palate as well as keeping you hydrated.  Most wineries provide food, like cheese boards, etc. with the wine tasting experience. The cheese will highlight the flavour of the wine.