La Couronne (The Crown) was a famed French warship of the French Navy built in 1636 by Cardinal de Richelieu. La Couronne was the first man of war built by the French themselves in accordance to Richelieu’s plans to renew the French Navy, after a series of ships built by the Dutch. The construction was overseen by the famous carpenter Charles Morieur, from Dieppe. She was one of the most advanced vessels of her time. She was equipped with 68 heavy guns, 8 firing to the bow and 8 to the aft, an unusual feature until Dupuy de Lôme redesigned naval artillery.

Dr J J Le Roux

Prof. Jacobus Johannes le Roux, linguist and Afrikaans cultural leader, was born on 10 November 1888 in Franschhoek. Dr JJ Le Roux was the last of the Le Roux brothers who farmed for 7 generations on La Couronne Farm, then known as Champagne Farm. He died on 6 Sept 1946 in Pietermaritzburg, Natal at the age of 58.

La Couronne's JJ Le Roux
La Couronne National Monument

National monument

This beacon is at the place on the farm where since the 18th century until 1845 a smoke signal was sent out to notify the people from the valley that there will be a church service or gathering held on the farm.

La Couronne

Our Timeline

Timeline 1688-1946

Campagne Farm

Dr J J Le Roux died and property exchanged hands several times.

1688 - 1946

Purchase Farm

Purchase Farm

Francois Smith took ownership. The first wines produced were Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot Rosé and Portside Red.

Winemaker: Rudi Zantberg


2012 - 2014

Portfolio Expanded

More wines were added to the portfolio – Unwooded Chardonay, Merlot, Malbec, Shiraz

Winemaker: Rudi Zantberg

2012 - 2013

Barrel Fermented Chardonnay

Barrel Fermented Chardonay

First Barrel Fermented Chardonay was produced, using 100% new French Oak Barrels.

Winemaker: Hardus van Heerden


Limited Pinotage

First Limited Release

First Limited Release reserve Pinotage was produced, 2800 bottled.

Winemaker: Eldorette Carinus


2016 - Henk Swart

New Winemaker

La Couronne appointed new Winemaker, Henk Swart



Limited Viognier

Limited release Viognier was produced, 2100 bottled. Le Petit Malbec was added to the portfolio.

2016 - 2018