• How to Serve Wine

    Red wine should be served at room temperature, referring to European temperature (which is completely different to SA, especially in summer). Therefore, to preserve the red wine, theres no need being afraid to dunk it into an ice bucket to tighten up the flavours.

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  • Red Wine Tip March

    Why does red wine stain my teeth?

    The primary cause of stained teeth from red wine results from these things called “chromogens”. These are pigment-producing substances abundant in red wine that sticks onto dental enamel. Tannins in red wine and drinks we consume, also enhance the possibility of chromagens binding to the teeth, leaving unattractive stains.

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  • Blend Tip February

    Did you know? Have you noticed?

    More and more wines on the shelves nowadays are Blends!! Why? Considering the fluctuation in our climatic conditions, winemakers are having a huge challenge to maintain certain preferred wine styles and as a result has to blend wines to achieved the desired styles.

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  • Rosé Tip January

    Rosé is known for its red berry flavours. Add some more fruit and refreshing tones to your Rose. Fill your ice tray with Rose but along with your Rose, add some crushed strawberries/and or raspberries with chopped mint leaves and freeze overnight.

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