• Vitis Vinifera Awards 2018

    Vitis Vinifera Awards 2018 – Discovering the exceptional

    This year marked the sixth anniversary of the Vitis Vinifera Awards, and in addition to the usual wine categories, the competition was extended to include wine-based spirits and wine-based drinks. The aim was to embrace all products that benefit from grape production.

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  • Canned wine is no longer a fad, it’s a $45 million business

    It’s time to ditch your corkscrew.

    Canned wine isn’t just a passing summer fad, it’s a $45 million business, according to Nielsen.

    • Sales of canned wine grew 43 percent in the U.S. from June 2017 to June 2018.
    • While canned wine is still a tiny portion of the wider industry, it is one of the fastest growing categories thanks to millennial drinkers.
    • These cans can be brought to places that glasses cannot, like the beach, the park and campsites and are also easier to recycle than glass bottles. Some casual drinkers also see canned wine as less pretentious.


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  • Gold Wine Awards 2018

    Gold Wine Awards 2018 reveals Great Value Wines after two days of intense tasting

    It was an intense two days of sniffing, swirling and spitting for a team of wine lovers, to select the best value wines in South Africa. The Gold Wine Awards is a consumerjudged competition that endeavours to put a seal of excellence on wines delivering quality at a reasonable price, thereby guiding the wine buying public. The double blind tasting was audited by Theron du Plessis Chartered & Professional Accountants (SA) of Somerset West.

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  • Tips and Tricks to knowing your wine

    We can give you all the tips and tricks to knowing your wine, but the biggest thing to remember is that there is no right and wrong when choosing a wine. It’s like deciding on which chocolate to indulge in – there are certain guidelines to follow to determine quality, although it’s really a matter of personal taste and even mood. If you like it, then it’s right for you!

    A few tips to remember:

    Describing the flavour of wines is easier if you look at the colour – a lighter red will likely taste of strawberries, raspberries or cherries; a darker one of blackberries or blackcurrants.

    If you want to impress your friends with your wine knowledge, contact the Cape Wine Academy on 021 889 8844. Various courses are on offer nationwide.

    If all the flavours, textures and aromas are in balance, the wine is pleasurable to drink, and its flavours linger after tasting, it’s a decent wine!

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