Wine Gifts

Accesories you can present with our Wine as gifts

Why not present your fried with accessory with a great bottle of our wine as a gift this Christmas?  They will be very impressed with you.

Cool cover-up




Instead of wrapping up the wine in Christmas paper,

pop your carefully chosen bottle into a Wine Cooler Sleeve

and then simply tie a gorgeous bow around it.




Open up


Our extensive range of lever or turn models of corkscrews

has something for every wine-lover and every occasion.





TM200 Table Model, PM200 Pocket Model and Trilogy TM Gift Set


Our Activ-ball makes opening your wine super-simple:

you just turn the soft-touch handle – no pulling necessary.

Choose from the TM200 Table Model or the smaller

PM200 Pocket Model, which is perfectly portable for picnics

and the like – or go for the Trilogy TM Gift Set, which also includes a

convenient and brilliantly effective foil cutter that is an

essential addition to any serious wine lover’s toolkit.




LMG10 Levr model’s


The LMG10 Lever Model’s sleek, sophisticated looks are

matched by its innovative rotation technology that allows

you to remove both natural and synthetic corks smoothly

and effortlessly, from the moment you use the matching

four-wheeled foil cutter (that is included with this corkscrew)

right down to extracting and releasing the cork.



LM150 Lever Model


The LM150 Lever Model corkscrew is deceptively simple in

both looks and ease of use: it makes use of patented technology

to easily extract all types of corks, including synthetic ones,

and these are later released with a simple ‘up and over’ motion.

It is also lightweight, intuitive to use and available in Le Creuset’s

iconic Flame or Cherry colours.



Stocking fillers

SW106 Sparkling Wine Stopper                                                                      Wine Stopper WA138



Champagne Star SW100                                                                                        Foil Cutter FC110




Until you’ve tried our reusable drip-free pourers you won’t know what you’re missing. They make for elegant pouring, plus no more red wine drips on your favourite white linen tablecloth.

For those occasions when you don’t finish off a bottle, it’s important to preserve it properly to enjoy another day.

Our collection of stoppers to suit all wine, sparkling wine and Champagne bottles is very nifty and makes for a great, practical stocking filler we guarantee will be loved.