Wood Fired Pizza

Captains Pizza

Captain's Pizza

Biltong, Caramelized Onion, Peppadew

R 130.00

Wine Recommended: Malbec

Admirals Choice

Grilled Chicken, Peppadew, Feta, Avocado (seasonal) & Chillies

R 105.00

Wine Recommended: Upper Deck Red

Admirals Choice
Commanders Pizza

Commanders Pizza

Traditional Bobotie Mince & Banana

R 105.00

Wine Recommended: Chardonnay

Starboard Pizza

Mushrooms | Caramelised Onions | Chicken | *Avo

R 105.00

Wine Recommended: Le Petit Malbec

Starboard Pizza
May Day Pizza

May Day

Voice radio signal for ships and people in serious trouble at sea. Help..no more meat!
Mushrooms, Olives, Peppers, Sundried Tomato & Feta Cheese

R 95.00

Wine Recommended: Upper Deck Chenin Blanc / Upper Deck Red

Sailor's Choice

Mozzarella & Herbs

R 60.00

Wine Recommended: Chardonnay / Upper Deck Red

Sailor's Choice
Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory Pizza

If life was Honki Dori, a sailor had money, plenty of grog, and a pretty girl!
Garlic, Olives & Herbs

R 65.00

Wine Recommended: Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot Rosé

Extra Toppings

Ham / Salami / Bacon / Mushrooms / Feta / *Avo / Sundried Tomato / Peppadew

R 15.00 each

Extra Toppings

Crispy Salads

Greek Salad

Greek Salad

Traditional style Greek salad

Main Meal       –        R 60.00
Side Dish        –        R 35.00

Ceasar Salad

Cos Lettuce, Bacon, Croutons
and Parmesan Shavings

Main Meal      –        R 75.00
Side Dish        –        R 40.00

Ceasar Salad

Bits on Boards & Charcuterie

Ship's snack cheese board

Ship's snack cheese board

Selection of local cheeses, hunky dory flat bread, pesto

R 120.00

Charcuterie snack board

Cooked and air-dried hams made by local artieinal chef Niel Jewel and locally sourced cheese from Dalewood Fromage

Hunky dory flat bread, Olives

R 120.00

Charcuterie snack board

Upperdeck Light Meals

Chefs Special

Chef's Special of the day

Please ask your waiter – if he is not fishing!

Picnic In Our Garden

Picnic Basket

Vineyard basket for 2

Order 1 day in advance

Create your own picnic today!

See our display fridge to pick and choose bites to fill your basket. Don’t forget the wine!


Weigh & Pay

Sweet Treats


Itallian Kisses

Traditional Chocolate delight


Vanilla ice cream with Bar One sauce

Smooth creamy ice cream and thick Bar One Sauce


Hot and Cold Drinks

Filter Coffee

Fresh aroma coffee for the junky


Tea - Rooibos / Ceylon

Rooibos or Ceylon teas of your choice


Mineral Water

Still or Sparkling 500ml


Soft Drinks

A selection of Cream soda | Coke | Coke Zero | Sprite


Appletizer | Grapetizer

Choose your Tizer



Ask your waiter for the flavours available.


Young Sailor’s Menu


Ham | Pineapple | Cheese



Ham | Cheese


Chicken Strips

Prepared delightfully for easy hand eating


Cheezy Chips!

Kids Favourite Chips with Cheese sauce


Basket of Chips

Plain Chips in medium size basket


Kiddies Milkshakes

Ask your waiter for the flavours available.

Smaller portion for the young ones


Boxed Fruit Juice

Ask your waiter for the flavours available.