Best wine to celebrate

Best La Couronne Wines for Celebrations

There are two red La Couronne Red Wines we can recommend for any celebration.  The Malbec and Merlot which is rich wines that goes well with meaty dishes.

La Couronne Merlot

Merlot which means ‘The Little Blackbird’ in French, is a soft, ripe and elegant wine that go well on its own or with a low tannin level.  

Merlot is silky and full of juicy flavours with layers of black cherry, plumb, chocolate, dried herbs and cedar that make this a soft subtle wine. Elegance is the leading quality of this well cultured wine.

This wine is ideal to serve with turkey, pork, root vegetables, winter salads, stews and chocolate confectioneries or after dinner.


La Couronne Malbec

Malbec is produced from a Malbec purple grape with a slightly acidic edge and is a delicious all-rounder wine that is easy to drink, with juicy fruit flavours. 

Malbec has a vibrant aroma of dark chocolate and spices. Rich, full and plumy with crushed berry flavours on the palate, balanced with a creamy oak finish.

This wine is a delicious all-rounder wine to be enjoyed with Springbok and Kudu steak, spicy dishes and mature cheeses.

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