Waiter staff and barmen charges
La Couronne Wine Estate strives a very high service standard for all functions. 

We work on a waiter ratio of 1 waiter per 10 guests or 1 waiter per table, regardless of your menu choices.

Waiters: R 180.00 per waiter, per hour, for roughly 10 hour shift
Barmen: R 200.00 per barman, for roughly 10 hour shift
Waiters will be expected to arrive minimum two hours prior to the arrival of your guests.
Kindly note that there will be an additional general charge for function staff on Sundays, Public Holidays and between the 15th of December – 2nd week of January

Sunday, Public Holidays and December waiter rates:

R 200.00 per waiter, per shift, for roughly 10 hour shift
R 250.00 per barman, per shift, for roughly 10 hour shift

When a bar set up is requested for a function, a barman is compulsory regardless of the beverage choices.

2 – 40 guests: 1 Barman is required
40 – 100 guests: 2 Barmen is required
100 guests and more: 3 Barmen and more will be required

Function security

Should you require any additional security guards; a fee of R 350.00 per guard will be invoiced.